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Artist’s statement - Anna Pasternak

 Echinops adenocaulos
1999, Soft pastel on paper, 33.5x25cm

Art is a sensuous expression of the yearning for the unattainable
- A non-existent bridge between the base and the sublime
- Such as the violets’ scent

I believe that an artistic creation has its roots in traditions and contexts but is not confined by those - it is free, lively and contemporary for ever.

As it is many-layered, it contains more than a single statement - it is not true for a moment only, and is not understood only by a select few - it is universal.

I believe that a work of art, even though it is complex, mysterious, metaphorical -
Connects with and respects the viewers while appearing before them at first unmediated, candid and sensual.

I believe in art that is created from pain and from suffering - yet it does not demonstrate, does not demand and does not shout.
A minor-key art, simple and restrained which covers an erupting volcano.

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