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Anna Pasternak: Chronology

Anna Pasternak. Artist
Anna Pasternak

  A House in the Sonora Desert
1984, Soft pastel drawing on paper
22.4x30 cm

Music I
1986, Oil painting on canvas
90x70 cm


Lunchtime, left panel of a diptych,
1991, Oil on linen canvas, 92x41cm

 Before the Matriculation Exams
1998, Soft pastel drawing on paper
67x51 cm

 Backgammon players I
2002, oil on linen canvas, 65X54 cm
Born in pre-state Israel to Ing. Augusto Bachi, a writer, and Elena Colombo Bachi, a painter, who emigrated from Italy in 1939. She was raised in the Sharon area on a little, isolated agricultural farm established by her parents and some friends in 1941.

She started painting in oils at the age of eight. Won a prize in a nationwide competition for designing ex-libris, and exhibited alongside renowned artists at Chemerinsky Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (1956). An art scholar bought one of her oil paintings. Spent the summer in Italy (1958); became acquainted with Classical Art, Italian Renaissance and Baroque.

Served in the IDF. Studied at the Avni Institute for Painting and Sculpture, Tel Aviv, under the instruction of the New Horizons artists: Streichman, Stematsky and Kahana. Assimilated the principles of Abstract Expressionism.

Acquired a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Literature at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where she also studied History of Art and Education, receiving a teaching certificate. At the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts she took evening classes in ceramics and drawing. Taught literature. Worked in the Department of Antiquities. Painted in the abstract style. Won first prize in an exhibition of Sharon-based artists at Hod Hasharon. First reviews of her work appeared in the press following the exhibition Students Painting at the Jewish National and University Library, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem.
She married Dr. Avshalom Pasternak, a physicist, and gave birth to her first two sons, Shai (1967) and Tal (1969).

Moved from Jerusalem to Haifa. Her father passed away in Italy (1970).
Completed a BA program in Creative Art at the University of Haifa, specializing in Sculpture under Moshe Sternschuss' instruction.

Lived in England. Visited museums and galleries in Paris, London, and throughout Great Britain. Deepened her acquaintance with past and contemporary art. Filled with doubts and disappointment vis-à-vis the exhibited avant-garde, she reverted to figurative painting. Staged her first solo exhibition, Watercolors and Oil Paintings, at the Bristol Art Centre, England.

Lived in Canada. Visited museums and galleries in New York, Washington DC, and throughout the USA and Canada. Became acquainted with hyper-realistic art, the art of various Native American tribes and Inuit art. Began sculpting in soft stone. Studied for a Master's degree in Art at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Focused on drawing. Worked as a teacher. Gave birth to her daughter Yael (1976).

Received an art instruction diploma from the University of Haifa. Continued drawing intensively, and taught art. Had a second daughter, Orli (1980), her fourth child.

Lived in Arizona, USA. Worked in oils, pastels and watercolors, mainly outdoors. The Sonora Desert, the pinkish-red soil, the faded green of the cacti, the scents and the cleanness of the air, took her back to the sensuous origins of her childhood paintings and to her personal route in art.

Participated in a summer workshop with Jack Levine of New York. Deviated from the proposed activity, depicting a model in a staged pose; portrayed a model in motion, a moment in life. Presented her first paintings portraying mundane human situations at the University of Haifa (1986). Visited London and created her first street paintings (1990). Staged her first solo exhibition in Israel, Paintings: Oil on Canvas, at Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (1991).

Moved her easel from the family's living room to her own studio. Visited Paris and painted the series Place de la Défense depicting urban figures. Created modular diptychs and triptychs of "cut" pictures: a jigsaw-puzzle within which the depicted figures walk alongside the viewers during the exhibition. The street paintings, in various combinations, have been exhibited on numerous occasions, since 1991 – in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

Exhibited with her mother, Elena Colombo Bachi, at the Italian Institute of Culture, Haifa (1993). Her mother passed away (1994).
Painted field and forest flowers throughout the four seasons, year after year; a natural cycle of life and death. The paintings have been exhibited in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa since 1995. Elaborated on previous themes pertaining to man, place, and time. Presented a painted biography based on place references akin to coordinates in the book of time, entitled Views, at D.S. Danon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (1998). Awarded the Hermann Struck Prize for Painting by the Haifa Municipality (1999).

Works from the series Place de la Défense and Mediterranean Views were sold in auctions by Start for the Promotion of Contemporary Israeli Art, Tel Aviv, the Tiroche Auction House, Herzliya and Hammersite, Tel Aviv. Presented Mediterranean Views at the Italian Institute of Culture (2003). Participated in the 2nd Drawing Biennale at the Artists' House, Jerusalem (2004). Expanded the series of oil paintings depicting people in motion against the backdrop of the sea. Some of these works were presented in her solo exhibition, at Mishkan Le'Omanut, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, (2006). Some at a group show at D.S. Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv (2007), and some in a solo exhibition at The Artists House in Jerusalem (2009). Many of the works painted during this period have not been exhibited yet. During 2010 she participated in several group exhibitions' in Israel and abroad, one of her works was exhibited at The Tel Aviv Museun of Art, and she held two One Artist's Shows, one of which in Tel Aviv.

Anna Pasternak, who exhibit also under her Italian name Anna Bachi Pasternak 
was selected by a comission, chaired by distinguished Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, as one of two Italian-Israeli artists whose work will be presented at the
Padiglione Italia at the Arsenale in Venice from June 4th trough November 27th 2011. A video portraying Anna Bachi Pasternak's work will be screened for the whole
duration of the Biennale alongside a number of Italian artists who were selected by Mr. Sgarbi with the cooperation of the Italian Cultural Institutes all over the world.
In the framework of the 54th edition of the Biennale d'arte in Venice  Anna Pasternak was also invited to exhibit her latest production in a One Person Show at the Italian Cultural Institute in Haifa. 

One-Person Exhibitions

2011    "A Journey into the Spirit of Reality", Video representing paintings, 54th Venice Art Biennale
2011   "Barefooted", Art Gallery, at the Ygal Alon Museum, Ginosar 
2011  "In the Eye of the Beholder", Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities, Italian Embassy in Israel
2011   "In The Eye of The Beholder", Italian Cultural Institute, Haifa, Israel
2010   Between Sea and Shore, The Zaritsky Artists' House, Tel Aviv
   Fragments of Open Space, The Chagall Artists' House, Haifa
  Seasons Will Tell, The Artists' House, Jerusalem
2006  Seasons Will Tell, Mishkan Le'Omanut, Museum of Art, Ein Harod
2003  Mediterranean Views, The Italian Institute of Culture, Haifa
2001  Seven Street Scenes, Haifa City Hall
2000  The Mullein Still Blossoms in Tammuz, Yad Labanim House, Haifa
1998  Views, D.S. Danon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1997  Alone and Together, Yad Labanim House, Haifa
1996  Paintings: Oil on Canvas, D.S. Danon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1995  Paintings: Oil on Canvas, Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
1993  Mother and Daughter: From Torino to Tel Dan, The Italian Institute of Culture, Haifa 
1993  Paintings: Oil on Canvas, Marc Chagall Artists' House, Haifa
1991  Paintings: Oil on Canvas, Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1975  Watercolors, Bristol Art Centre, Bristol, England

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 "L'arte non e' cosa nostra", Curator: Vittorio Sgarbi, Padiglione Italia at the 54th International
           Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia
2010 Matters of the Heart: A Selection from The David J. Azrieli Collection,
        Tel Aviv Museum
of Art, Tel Aviv
HAIFARTONTO, Gallery 133, Toronto, Canada
Tova Osman – 30 Years of Activity, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
2009 Tel Aviv Centennial
- The Textile Center Gallery, Tel Aviv 
D.S. Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004  The 2nd Drawing Biennale, The Artists' House, Jerusalem
2002  Current Affairs, Castra Art Center, Haifa
  Inaugural Exhibition, Castra Art Center, Haifa
1999  The Annual Exhibition of Haifa Artists, Marc Chagall Artists' House
            Haifa (received the Hermann Struck Prize for Painting)
1993  The Annual Exhibition of Haifa Artists, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa
1987 And after,
participated in numerous exhibitions organized by the
           Israel Painters and Sculptors Association throughout the country.
1986  Graduates of Jack Levine's Workshop exhibition, University of Haifa
1973  Graduates of the Art Department exhibition, University of Haifa
1965  Sharon Artists Exhibition, Hod Hasharon (won first prize)*
           "Students Painting", The Jewish National and University Library, Givat Ram Campus,
            The Hebrew University, Jerusalem*
1956  Jewish Ex-Libris, Chemerinsky Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (won a nationwide competition; 
           exhibited alongside renowned local and foreign artists)*

* Exhibited under her maiden name, Hanna Bachi
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